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Step 1 – Preliminary planning

  • Consultation with the client in order to discuss needs and wishes
  • Site survey
  • Regulatory assessment
  • Preliminary drawings
  • Preliminary cost estimate

Step 2 – Final design and Work supervision

  • Acquisition of essential data (topographical, agronomical, institutional, historical, …)
  • Final design solution
  • Layout plans, elevations and sections, planting, irrigation and lighting schemes, technical details
  • Final cost estimate
  • Supervision during construction work

In our outdoor or indoor projects, space distribution is organised in order to make each area suited to desirable functions, e.g. relaxing and being in contact with nature, socialising and entertaining guests, devoting to one’s pastimes, working out, or presenting one’s lifestyle flawlessly.

We care to give special prominence to personal objects, collections, heirlooms, and travel souvenirs, by integrating those items in our designs for a unique and exclusive result.

Especially in outdoor projects, annual and perennial plants are selected according to the desired style and visual effect: long flowering and scenic effects throughout the changing seasons, traditional or contemporary designs, ... Choices are made paying attention to easy maintenance, sustainability and water saving.

Materials and procedures are chosen respecting the environment. Furniture, flowerpots, lighting and decorations are selected among top-quality articles, carefully chosen in antique stores or markets, or custom made by skilled artisans, depending on clients’ preferences.

In case of properties of historical and artistic importance, we are qualified to devise projects for the conservation and renewal of gardens and parks. The new design, while respecting the original plan, the historical materials, and the existing botanic species, will fit modern needs and integrate contemporary technology.

Our specific expertise in the field of rehabilitation and disability makes us sensitive to particular requirements in the usability and accessibility of spaces. We also design therapeutic and healing gardens.