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Carlotta Zerbi


Studio Lunigiana15 collaborates with professionals of different backgrounds in order to guarantee a well-integrated and multidisciplinary approach to planning, and deliver a top-standard service.

Dr. Arch. Carlotta Maria Zerbi

She read Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and later obtained a Ph.D. degree in Conservation of Architectural Heritage from the same University. She is in charge of interior and green design, in particular gardens, terraces, historical parks and therapeutic gardens. In 2012 she was awarded a post-graduate Master in Planning and Conservation of Garden and Landscape at Fondazione Minoprio.

Arch. Roberta Tassi

Since she graduated in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano, she has been working in architectural planning, interior design, project management and worksite safety. She is a licensed professional and a member of the Architects’ Association of the Province of Cremona.

Dr. Ing. Simone Pittaccio

He read Biomedical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano and later obtained a Ph.D degree from University College London. He takes care of technical and technological aspects of planning. Expert in motor rehabilitation, he designs for well-being and garden space accessibility and he is in charge of the biomedical aspects in therapeutic and healing gardens projects.

Dott.ssa Cecilia Zanzi

Graduated in Agronomy at Università degli Studi di Milano, in 2012 she was awarded a post-graduate Master in Planning and Conservation of Garden and Landscape at Fondazione Minoprio. A licensed professional with the Association of Agronomists in the province of Varese, she is in charge of garden design, botanic choices and phytopathology. She collaborates with us for the identification of botanic species, agronomic reports and phytopathologic consultations.


We design green spaces for private customers (gardens, terraces and balconies), residential areas (common gardens, flowerbeds and courtyards) and corporate venues (entrance pathways, halls and patios). Each project is developed in a functional and original manner, according to clients’ wishes, and in line with contemporary architecture and interior design trends.

Our backgrounds in the field of building restoration makes us particularly aware of the historic and artistic value of pre-existing objects, structures and landscapes. We can work in a competent way on villas, historic gardens and mansion parks, bringing back to life the original atmospheres in full compliance with period materials, techniques, and historical botanic species.

We design healing gardens, therapeutic areas, and gardens accessible to users with disabilities.

We also deal with renovations and interior design, for a perfect balance and matching of spaces inside and outside the house.